Welcome to Sydney!

Well we did it! we sat on a plane for 12 hours, a brief stop in Hong Kong, then onto another plane for 9 hours and here we are! Its morning here in Sydney Australia and the weather is balmy and overcast, to be honest I was expecting raging sunshine but not to worry I am sure its just an off day!

Sydney Australia

We have arrived at the hotel and are just taking everything in, including the view which is stunning. We drove over the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the taxi and a pang of home sickness and pride pricked me as Dorman Long (the company that build the bridge) are from my hometown of Middlesbrough. Also Captain James Cook lived in Teesside so is this all serendipity? You have to wonder when your life takes this much of a monumental turn in another direction.

However on first impressions, I think we are going to like it here!

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