Why Pay Full Price Strike Again with poor customer service

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 | General Interest

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After writing about my disgusting treatment from WPFP back in March I have been contacted by a lady who has suffered at the hands of Why Pay Full Price as well. Further proof if proof were needed that this company is less than reputable and cares very little for customers after they get their hands on your money.

Here is her story:

“I purchased a product through WPFP in February 2012 which was supposed to take 2-4 weeks delivery and as yet has still not arrived. After many unanswered emails, WPFP finally issued an email to state the product had been delayed. However they CC’d everyone who had bought the voucher on the list, thus breaching it’s own privacy policy and causing many people distress.

No one has received the product and only a small number of people have received a refund. However, WPFPs stupidity in CC-ing the 188 people on the list has meant that we have been in contact with each other to discuss ways to reclaim our money.

In the mean time WPFP has neither issued an acknowledgement nor an apology for this breach in privacy and they have been accruing interest off our money for the past FOUR months.

Some of us were issued with refund approval emails yesterday which stated we would be reimbursed within 10 days. 10 days! I immediately emailed and demanded an immediate refund and so did many others in the group.

Some of the group has been in touch with Fair Trading and others have not. However, it appears Fair Trading is not offering much in the way of resolution. “

This lady is now considering taking her story and my own to the press, who can blame her! Fair Trade seem powerless to stop such gross misconduct from a company and they keep taking peoples money and not delivering! Surely this is fraud.

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Marion Clarke
August 2, 2012

I am certain I have been ripped off by them also. I ordered goods on 05/07/2012 and 06/07/2012 neither of which I have received. They took the money very promptly, and sent emails, but that is all. I also purchased hypnotherapy deals, and accidentally paid for it twice, but am yet to get a satisfactory answer in regard to this either. I have sent a further email this morning, which they haven’t responded to as yet, but am certain they are just a bunch of rip off merchants.

August 2, 2012

I have posted the first article about this. Hopefully something will be done soon to help consumers.

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