Our Fantastic Wedding Day!!

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Andy & Karen Theresa Lewis 09/09/2009

For those who follow my blog (which I would be surprised has reached double figures) you will be aware of the trials and tribulations in the build up the wedding with crappy bridal shops and poor customer service but I would gladly suffer all that again if it could guarantee the fantastic day we ended up having! For those who have been married or are planning a wedding I am sure my previous entries have tickled you and struck a familiar chord as well as acting as a vent for my stress levels lol.

8934_154061669226_529424226_2810562_7042855_nAndy and I were married on 9th September 2009 at Aldwark Manor in York at 12 noon. Yes the date was deliberate for 2 reasons; one – so Andy couldn’t forget the date lol and two – it was a Wednesday therefore cheaper!

The day overall went unbelievably well, the sun even came out and stayed out all day making our photographs truly incredible. – A special thanks to Stephen and Steve our Wedding Photographers.

On the morning, in accordance with tradition I was getting ready with the bridesmaid in another part of the hotel so we had hair and make-up artists giving us the pamper treatment from about 10am and my 4 bridesmaids and I all looked hot to trot. – Thanks to Kuki skin and beauty in York for their fab  hair and makeup skills!

The wedding photographer arrived at 11am and snapped a few shots of Andy getting ready and “acting very calm” so people were reporting back to me. It was at this point I thought there was just me who was pensive and rigid with nerves! Even the photographer had to remind me to smile lol

Once I was in my dress I felt a million dollars although I was still “bricking it” lol my dad arrived to collect me and the registrar ran through what would be done in the ceremony and to this day I really don’t recall what she said to me lol

Walking down the stairs was an issue in the dress as I don’t think it was designed with practicality in mind – but I managed on my dad’s arm.

We reached the door to the room where the ceremony was taking place and a few deep breaths and the music started (Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen played on a string quartet) and we were walking.

I caught sight of Andy from the back with his arms folded and staring forward, he looked far from calm. When I reached him and he turnedIMG_1818.jpg to look at me I saw tears in his eyes and thought to myself “well at least I am not as nervous as him!”

He looked at me and told me I looked beautiful and all my nerves disappeared, I held his hand tight while the registrar conducted the ceremony and watched Andy well up again when his sister Sarah did her reading.

With a few giggles along the way from Andy and myself when I managed to put his wedding ring on the wrong finger! We were officially married! It was amazing and I felt so happy. We turned to walk down the aisle and Andy practically ran – last bought of nerves I think – however it did mean we were out of the room within the first four bars of Heaven by Bryan Adams played (beautifully I presume) by the string quartet.

But then we were outside greeting everyone and it was just magical.

IMG_1858.jpgThe rest of the day went so quickly with photos and gathering people for more photos but the sun was shining and everyone was as smiley as I was.

The wedding breakfast (which I now know is what they call the meal after the ceremony – not actually “breakfast” which I thought we had to buy everyone on top of their meal!!) we were announced as Mr & Mrs Lewis and entered the room to a round of applause from family and friends which was weird but fun!

My dad made a very lovely speech regaling tales of my childhood and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house lolIMG_1913.jpg

Andy’s best man Shaun made a speech which got some laughs and then we tucked into our food which was simply delicious and everyone commented on how lovely it was.

After the meal we had more photos but Andy and I managed to steal 5 minutes on our own to absorb what was going on and have a kiss and a cuddle.

IMG_1969.jpgFor our first dance we chose Run by Leona Lewis (no relation lol) and Andy managed to actually dance!!! Well it looked more like he was shifting furniture but he did his best bless him.

After that it was all about the dance floor and doing the rounds to say hello to friends and family.

Everyone had a great time and a few comical moments occurred when dancing to the typical wedding songs such as Come on Eileen and The Cha Cha Slide to which people started doing some kind of dance off competition – very funny.

All in all I could not have asked for a more perfect day, it was incredible and it was such a shame it had to end.

All our family and friends have been amazing and I am over the moon I could have shared our special day with them – I truly had the time of my life!!!

A big thank you to all our guests, the amazing staff at Aldwark Manor (simply AMAZING!) and Stephen Quinn and Steve – our photographers who were incredible as the photos prove!

Check our our amazing wedding photos in my Gallery!

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Wedding Plans so far….

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Well I think I am in the wrong job lol I have managed to organise 90% of my wedding in under a month. We have picked and booked the Venue – Aldwark Manor in York, (check out the photos in my gallery) decided on bridesmaids, ushers and the bestman, picked the menu but not confirmed it yet, sorted the flowers, I may have sourced my dress and the boys just have to be measured and pick up their suits nearer the time. For those who don’t know I am not getting married until September 2009!! So I am ahead of the game, in fact there is not much else to sort out, even got the bridesmaid presents and my shoes last week via the internet.

I have also picked up a bargain on Wedding Insurance which will cover everything I need for £26!! Check it out Cheap Wedding Insurance and they also do Wedding Insurance if you are getting married overseas.

We have even sorted a small wedding list online, as we are already “living in sin” we have most housey things we could possibly need (and some we will never use!) so we suggested those guests who want to get us a gift will be able to donate to our honeymoon….although we do accept cash and cheques lol

For those who are kind enough to want to get us a gift we would be delighted with a monetry contribution to our dream honeymoon, a post box will be available on the day to post your cards and messages.

However we have also prepared a gift list of items. Everything from a candle lit dinner on the beach on our honeymoon to a new kettle or toaster. (£2 delievery charge on each item)

Please do not feel obliged to get us a gift – we are happy with alternative methods of donation.

Details of the day will be published on my Wedding Info page if you want to check it out for updates.

So moving forward we have a bridesmaid dress trying on session booked which will be oodles of girlie fun, then I can get them ordered. After that it’s pretty much the finishing touches and getting the invites out (we are thinking June give people plenty of time to RSVP) we have even decided that for wedding favors we will have lottery scratch cards for our guests…however if they win they should have to share it with us, it’s only fair lol.

All very exciting times, made more exciting by the fact my brother is getting married in July and I am bridesmaid…the pressure is on to loose some blubber between now and then….just point me in the direction of a treadmill lol

Anyway for those who are interested and actually read this (which is probably very few of you lol) I will be keeping my blog updated with wedding related info and news as well as everyday what nots!

Have a great weekend everyone, I am meeting the girls for a well deserved spa weekend in Nottingham after work today so wishing the last few hours would hurry up lol

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