Pronuptia store in Leeds – Simply terrible! Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 | Events | 2 Comments

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I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE – CHECK OUT THESE REVIEWS. This is not an isolated incident check out the reviews! AVOID THIS SHOP AND THEIR CRAP STAFF

LOL I know it seems all I ever write about is things that have ticked me off but this one is a belter!

The experience of my visit to Pronuptia store in Leeds was not a positive one, in fact they were downright disgusting and rude! and I am obviously not the only one who thinks so.

Basically on the 14th March (my birthday!) I had arranged an appointment with Pronuptia Leeds. When I arrived for my appointment at 10:45am I was asked to fill in a card with my name, address etc on. When I handed this back to the sales assistant, she looked disgusted and said me to “oh, your not from Leeds” to which I replied “no” to which she said “well there is absolutely no point ordering a dress from here”. I understand her point, about returning for fittings etc but it was quiet an assumption to make, how did she know I didn’t work in Leeds and the level of contempt which she used to speak to me made it perfectly clear from this stage she was disinterested in serving me from this point on as this would not result in a sale. People will travel far and wide for their wedding dress but she was just rude!

The reason we were coming to Leeds was due to the 2 bridesmaids with me where from different areas (Brighton and Huddersfield) so Leeds was a convenient place to meet and they stocked the Mark Lesley dress I liked for the bridesmaids to try and be measured.

However I tired to put this rudeness behind me as I browsed the dresses waiting for the girls to arrive. I saw one and asked to try it on. I was very much left to my own devices as the sales staff has completely lost interest and where not even asking me what I preferred or what I was looking for.

The sales assistant let me try the dress on. How very magnanimous of her! Once in the dress I asked if it was ok for me to keep it on for a few minutes so when the girls arrived they would be able to see me in it and give an opinion, it was obvious that this displeased them but I had made this appointment and travelled to Leeds.

Anyway the girls arrived and ohh-ed and ahh-ed over the dress but when my Chief Bridesmaid suggested a try a few more styles to see what suited me best she was taken by the arm to one side by the sales assistant and very loudly told “She is not buying her dress from this store…we are not in the entertainment industry!” I was appalled and the fact she actually physically moved my bridesmaid to one side was unacceptable! This was assault

I was disgusted and upset by this point. When we came to leave, having not been offered a drink or having the bridesmaids measured, I walked out the shop saying “I don’t see why I should spend money here when the customer service was so appalling

We were then chased down the street by one of the sales assistants who we thought had come to apologise, however she said “I didn’t appreciate your comment about poor customer service, you have just wasted 3 and half hours of our time!” (Actually we were there about 1 hour 40 mins – I am not gluten for punishment) How unbelievably rude! How dare she! I made an appointment and the customer service was disgusting! It beggars belief.

We went to another bridal shop (not a Pronupia store) where we were treated amazingly; we were given a drink, made to feel welcome. If I was looking to spend a few thousand pounds on a car and was treated like that I would certainly choose another showroom and I don’t think you can blame me.

While we were in the other bridal store there a couple of girls who walked in and we got chatting (as you do). They had been to Pronutpia Leeds that morning too, but not made an appointment. The woman on reception had told them “we can’t possibly accommodate you today – you will have to leave”

I can assure you the shop was empty. So basically Pronuptia Leeds are in the habit of being rude, chasing people out of their shops and straight into another bridal shop. Not the best sales technique. The credit crunch must not have hit them very hard if they can afford to turn away business like that.

Remember I had people travel from Brighton for my day and it was ruined, added to that it was actually my birthday that day as well which just added insult to injury.

I am not tarring all Pronuptia stores with the same brush however the Pronuptia in Leeds are doing your reputation of the Pronuptia brand no good at all. I have visited the Pronuptia in Middlesbrough and they were nothing but polite and accommodating. I am sure I am not the only person who has suffered this kind of appalling behaviour from the staff at Pronuptia Leeds as our coincidental run in with the girls in the 2nd bridal store highlights.

This was supposed to be a highlight leading up to my special day – once in a lifetime thing – I feel cheated and terribly angry, my advice: AVOID PRONUPTIA LEEDS LIKE THE PLAGUE!

update added 13th May 2009:
And guess what! it’s 2 months later and after letters to Pronuptia Leeds Bridal Shop I have been completely ignored, not even an apology! Oh well it seems I will just have to contact their trading authority. Before visiting ask yourself, do you really want to trust these people with an important part of the happiest day of your life?!

I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE – CHECK OUT THESE REVIEWS. This is not an isolated incident check out the reviews! AVOID THIS SHOP AND THEIR CRAP STAFF

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Thomas Cook Vegas Holiday Hell Update

Friday, February 20th, 2009 | Holidays | 3 Comments

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Hi – hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend, just a quick update on the Thomas Cook saga – those who have read my previous blog entry will know of the debacle we suffered at the hands of Thomas Cook on our holiday to Vegas last December. Anyway, we and a few of our fellow passengers have had a template response from good old Thomas Crook…sorry Cook! saying that the snow was not their fault (well done Sherlock Holmes! or should I say Michael Fish) and therefore they are not liable.

We are not disputing that the snow was their fault, however the events that proceeded the freak weather were a complete and utter shambles at the hands of this company. Customer service…what customer service???

Thomas Cook knew of the weather conditions in Vegas before we even arrived at the airport to check in at 6am, they came up with a lame ass excuse that it was due to a flight from Mexico being delayed that caused our delay…then the story changed to an engineering problem with the plane. If there was a problem with the plane was it wise to re-fuel it while we were on it?! Good old Thomas Crook gave everyone a letter saying there would be a 4hour 45min delay (very convenient as anything over 5 hours and we’d be allowed to claim the flight price back) however this delay exceeded 5 hours by the time we were put on the plane and it was fuelled up (by the way does anyone know if this is legal – to refuel with passengers on the plane?)

Anyhow the fight for justice…and our money back continues as Thomas Cook’s idea of customer service was to try and land in Vegas (knowing some 15hrs previously this would not be possible) then diverting us to Ontario California where we were held hostage on the tar mac for a further 4hr 30 mins until we were allowed to get off the plane….minus our luggage. We then had a nice 3 and a half hour wait in an airport lounge with no food or water while another airline (American Airlines) helped us get hotel rooms.

But of course NONE of this was Thomas Cook’s fault as all their staff were no where to be seen, so while we froze and starved and waited to find out what the hell was happening the Thomas Cook staff disappeared and we were left completely stranded with another airline picking up after Thomas Cook’s mess! ALL of this was avoidable with a bit of forward thinking! and certainly could have been handled better – we have now wrote to the EU regarding this complaint and compensation as us and 400 other passengers apparently aren’t entitled to even so much as an apology from Thomas Cook – just a letter saying “it was not our fault”! disgusting!
Needless to say we will NEVER be flying or booking a holiday with this pitiful excuse for a travel company again. I will keep you posted on any developments. :) Rant over! Have a good weekend people.

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