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Penguin 3.0 demystified

In October, Google have released a refresh to its infamous Penguin update. To those unfamiliar with Penguin this relates to a Google’s algorithm update around assigning penalties to those websites part taking in unethical and unnatural link building practices. It is worth noting the Penguin update has been around a while; however there have been […]

Advice for those who have lost rankings in the recent Google The Farmer/Panda Update

Google have written a new algorithm to combat content farms and to help eliminate these from the search engine results pages. The aim of the update was to target sites with the following and stop them from ranking on the SERPs: Shallow content (not enough content to be useful) Poorly written content Content copied from other sites Content […]

Meta Tags Quick Tips

For those of you who find a distinct lack of creative inspiration when it comes to writing meta tags you are not alone. I also feel slightly perplexed when it comes to writing meta as common knowledge will tell you that the tags need to be unique and not duplicated across a site it can […]