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Thomas Cook Vegas Holiday Hell Update

Friday, February 20th, 2009 | Holidays | 3 Comments

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Hi – hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend, just a quick update on the Thomas Cook saga – those who have read my previous blog entry will know of the debacle we suffered at the hands of Thomas Cook on our holiday to Vegas last December. Anyway, we and a few of our fellow passengers have had a template response from good old Thomas Crook…sorry Cook! saying that the snow was not their fault (well done Sherlock Holmes! or should I say Michael Fish) and therefore they are not liable.

We are not disputing that the snow was their fault, however the events that proceeded the freak weather were a complete and utter shambles at the hands of this company. Customer service…what customer service???

Thomas Cook knew of the weather conditions in Vegas before we even arrived at the airport to check in at 6am, they came up with a lame ass excuse that it was due to a flight from Mexico being delayed that caused our delay…then the story changed to an engineering problem with the plane. If there was a problem with the plane was it wise to re-fuel it while we were on it?! Good old Thomas Crook gave everyone a letter saying there would be a 4hour 45min delay (very convenient as anything over 5 hours and we’d be allowed to claim the flight price back) however this delay exceeded 5 hours by the time we were put on the plane and it was fuelled up (by the way does anyone know if this is legal – to refuel with passengers on the plane?)

Anyhow the fight for justice…and our money back continues as Thomas Cook’s idea of customer service was to try and land in Vegas (knowing some 15hrs previously this would not be possible) then diverting us to Ontario California where we were held hostage on the tar mac for a further 4hr 30 mins until we were allowed to get off the plane….minus our luggage. We then had a nice 3 and a half hour wait in an airport lounge with no food or water while another airline (American Airlines) helped us get hotel rooms.

But of course NONE of this was Thomas Cook’s fault as all their staff were no where to be seen, so while we froze and starved and waited to find out what the hell was happening the Thomas Cook staff disappeared and we were left completely stranded with another airline picking up after Thomas Cook’s mess! ALL of this was avoidable with a bit of forward thinking! and certainly could have been handled better – we have now wrote to the EU regarding this complaint and compensation as us and 400 other passengers apparently aren’t entitled to even so much as an apology from Thomas Cook – just a letter saying “it was not our fault”! disgusting!
Needless to say we will NEVER be flying or booking a holiday with this pitiful excuse for a travel company again. I will keep you posted on any developments. :) Rant over! Have a good weekend people.

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