Christmas in Las Vegas

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 | Holidays | 3 Comments

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Not off to an amazing start to our holiday 2008 to Las Vegas when we arrived at the check in desk at 6am to hear the flight was delayed 4hrs 45mins! oh joy! anyway we gritted our teeth and “amused” ourselves in Manchester Airport which is not easy to do for that amount of time.

Anyway we finally got on the plane which was re-fueling as we sat on it…errrmmm is this safe?! and finally took off some 5 hours after our scheduled time, for someone who is not a great flyer this was not a fun way to start the holiday. Also i could have had an extra few hours in bed instead of making the dingy drive to Manchester Airport! Anyway trying to put the worst behind us we “enjoyed” the flight as best we could (Good old Thomas Cook – no apology or anything, just snooty service) when we came to land in Las Vegas it was snowed out! yes snow! in the Navada desert, such a thing had not been seen for over 40 years! Lucky us. So we were diverted to Califonia LA. After touching down we were kept on the tar mac for a further 4 and half hours while Thomas Cook tried to find their arse with both hands and organise us getting off the plane, which they said was due to no customs officers being on duty at Ontario Airport (But they had been there for hours waiting for us to deploy – think Thomas Cook are just sadistic!)

So off we got and moved to a more “comfortable” lounge within the airport where we had another 3 hour wait to be allocated a hotel for the night! It was freezing, there was no food or water between 400 of us and our luggage was not allowed off the plane so we were still in the clothes we traveled in! Got about 2 hrs kip at the hotel before we were all summoned back to the airport to take off for Las Vegas…only there was another 2hr delay taking off…oh the joy. Still no kind words from Thomas Cook instead the flight crew manager just shouted to us “We could all turn around and go home and leave you here” as she walked past! professional I think not, and certainly unfunny! anyway finally got to Vegas after missing best part of 2 days and fuming at the total disregard for customer service skills from Thomas Cook we decided to try and enjoy our holiday.

Which we did! We visited the Grand Canyon – which was a sight to be seen with 12″ of snow! we took in a show – Phantom of the Opera was AMAZING!! and did a bit of gambling …although I didn’t win. My boyfriend and dad went to play Golf at Desert Pines while I relaxed in the Spa at the Excalibur hotel…lovely!! We visited the Mirage with the secret garden dolphin and big cats sanctuary which was a highlight for me being a nature fan! and before we knew it it was time to brave the 10hr flight home…luckily no delays coming home so landed Xmas day then came home and slept for about a week!

Vegas I can highly recommend, although I wouldn’t exactly call it a family resort when every 50 yards there is some guy in a neon vest handing out call girls cards sporting a T Shirt saying “Girls to you in 20 mins!” bit out of order when they are putting these flyers in kids pushchairs as they walk past! but overall, excellent fun and the grand canyon has to be seen. A bad start to an overall good holiday but one piece of advice take some walking shoes cos the strip is longer than it looks!!! :)

Check out the holiday snaps from Vegas

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

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Viva Las Vegas!!

Monday, November 10th, 2008 | Holidays | 1 Comment

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Well it is only a few weeks until my trip to Vegas, it’s my first time there but I have heard good things. I am excited so watch out for the photos in the Gallery when I get back. I might even get lucky on the roulette wheel and then there will be some interesting photos showing how I celebrated lol.

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