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Wedding Plans so far….

Friday, February 6th, 2009 | Events | No Comments

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Well I think I am in the wrong job lol I have managed to organise 90% of my wedding in under a month. We have picked and booked the Venue – Aldwark Manor in York, (check out the photos in my gallery) decided on bridesmaids, ushers and the bestman, picked the menu but not confirmed it yet, sorted the flowers, I may have sourced my dress and the boys just have to be measured and pick up their suits nearer the time. For those who don’t know I am not getting married until September 2009!! So I am ahead of the game, in fact there is not much else to sort out, even got the bridesmaid presents and my shoes last week via the internet.

I have also picked up a bargain on Wedding Insurance which will cover everything I need for £26!! Check it out Cheap Wedding Insurance and they also do Wedding Insurance if you are getting married overseas.

We have even sorted a small wedding list online, as we are already “living in sin” we have most housey things we could possibly need (and some we will never use!) so we suggested those guests who want to get us a gift will be able to donate to our honeymoon….although we do accept cash and cheques lol

For those who are kind enough to want to get us a gift we would be delighted with a monetry contribution to our dream honeymoon, a post box will be available on the day to post your cards and messages.

However we have also prepared a gift list of items. Everything from a candle lit dinner on the beach on our honeymoon to a new kettle or toaster. (£2 delievery charge on each item)

Please do not feel obliged to get us a gift – we are happy with alternative methods of donation.

Details of the day will be published on my Wedding Info page if you want to check it out for updates.

So moving forward we have a bridesmaid dress trying on session booked which will be oodles of girlie fun, then I can get them ordered. After that it’s pretty much the finishing touches and getting the invites out (we are thinking June give people plenty of time to RSVP) we have even decided that for wedding favors we will have lottery scratch cards for our guests…however if they win they should have to share it with us, it’s only fair lol.

All very exciting times, made more exciting by the fact my brother is getting married in July and I am bridesmaid…the pressure is on to loose some blubber between now and then….just point me in the direction of a treadmill lol

Anyway for those who are interested and actually read this (which is probably very few of you lol) I will be keeping my blog updated with wedding related info and news as well as everyday what nots!

Have a great weekend everyone, I am meeting the girls for a well deserved spa weekend in Nottingham after work today so wishing the last few hours would hurry up lol

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